Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Jody's Journey

Jody is a Christian, husband, father, cyclist, runner, triathlete and friend who has been stricken with cancer. It is very serious and he has iniated this Bible study for the next year... I am doing it with him along with over 250 others..I encourage anyone else to go on this journey with us.

Below is a post from Jody:

Since I was a teenager I've been asking God to use me for his Glory. At 52 I have never felt that my life has honored him the way He intended for it to. I've always known something was missing. My 4 main passions have always been family, reading my bible, training for marathons and hunting. I had no idea in the world when Cancer came to try and take my life - that God would turn it around and use it for HIS Glory. This is 100% about Him, not you or I. This is His doing - not giving me cancer. He did not give me cancer. He is giving me roads to take me from the fear and despair that come with cancer. He is giving this a purpose. I am so grateful He is using me to help Him reach His children. I had always hoped it would be by winning the Boston Marathon, but that wasn't His plan for me and I accept that with a humble heart. I am in complete awe and without question the 180 people that have signed up and committed to read with us in 2016 are going to draw closer to their Father. That thrills me for them and I know it pleases God. I am looking so forward to healing, learning and growing with all of you in 2016. So many incredible adventures are before us.