Wednesday, October 30, 2013


We can know where you are standing with God by who and what is standing against us. When unsure of whether we are following Gods will, leading a life for God, look around and see who we are standing with and who is standing against us. The character of those we find ourselves around and who stand against us will often show us where we are standing ourselves, and whether our spirits are being led in the direction of God or away from it.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Is It Real ?

It is either “real” or it isn’t. Can’t sit through church and lifeless liturgy, then go home and feel “spiritual.” Faith either moves me or it doesn’t. Faith and commitment to God should bring us to higher ground. It is like an uphill course, every step an effort, but every step an adventure into taming the wilderness within. The effort keeps us awake - alive. It changes things. It makes a difference that you can see in yourself and others can see Christ in you. It is real and it makes a difference ---- or it isn’t.

Lord give a hunger for the stunning experience of the reality of God.