Monday, October 19, 2015

Coming Back to God: Arriving at the Beginning

Perhaps the Bible is a reminder of what already is in our DNA. Perhaps it is not necessarily an instruction book but a reminder book with the Holy Spirit teaching through the Word: a reminder of who and whose we are. Perhaps, we fully realize our kinship to God through His Word. We could be reading and learning about God, but also reading and learning about ourselves; rediscovering our kinship with our Savior. Coming to God seems to be a "coming back" experience. But, you can't come back; you can't come home unless you have been there before. I think of the father of the prodigal son, rejoicing so at the return of his son; returning home to the kinship he had left. I like the quote, "And the end of all exploration is to arrive at the beginning and to know it again for the first time." We may not have realized our kinship before we departed; stepped out of the bounds of that kinship to return to God like in the beginning. And in the beginning: God.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Right Stuff Within

We have all the right stuff within us, but that right stuff needs something to activate and enliven it to action. It is like a like the earth needs rain and all manner of plants then come from the earth from seeds unseen. In doing endurance sports I take energy gels out on long bike rides or runs. If I forget to take the gel in a timely fashion, I have an energy drop, my performance drops off and the workout gets much harder.

I find the same thing happens when I drift away from reading His Word, or regular prayer; when I let the world consume the most of my attention instead of giving my life a closer relationship with God. When my energy has sagged and I take an energy gel out on the road, it isn't long before I come together again toward my purpose. When I come back humbly to Jesus after a dry spell in my faith, He also brings me back together, releasing the right stuff within in me that was in there all the time, just waiting Jesus to enliven me.