Tuesday, May 30, 2017


I Peter 8:15 Hope

We are recognized by our hope. We have hope in a hopeless world. And the world’s wonders, “how can that be?” Are you insane? Haven’t you heard the news? Only a fool would have hope in today’s world. But today’s world is not different than yesterday’s world. There were no “good old days.” For all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God – even those from the “good old days.” In our time and in the times before, there is, and has not been any hope in this world aside from Jesus Christ. A phrase from a song say, “my only Hope, God’s only Son. I do believe----"

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Sense of Gratitude

Looking through all my records here on my computer this afternoon. In a moment of enlightened awareness, it came to me: I have been so blessed. These records and writings of my experiences assimilate into a sense of gratitude: What a great life I have had! I told my wife of my realization, of my gratitude of the wonderful things I have had opportunity for. I thanked her for being a big part of my access into a life will lived. But, I know; keenly aware, that God has been in and through it all. Blessed by God to a life I am grateful for and expectation and hope for the one He has yet to reveal. I would imagine I will be even more grateful and grateful to Jesus for what He did that I might have that life and have it abundantly.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Violet Person

This time of the year the violets push through the leaves of the forest floor and send forth a small, beautiful, fragile-looking flower as a herald to the certainty of spring. My mother loved violets. This time of the year she would like to walk the woods and trails seeking them out to become excited when she found one of the little blue flowers. When she got where she could not walk so well, I took her violet-looking and she loved it still in a childlike way.
I was never sure why she loved the violets so much – I should have asked – but I can guess. For one, they are some of the first flowers of spring, blooming in the face of cold weather yet to come. Another is that violets push their way through leaves and debris on the forest flower to forge a place in the sun; a place to bloom at last in defiance of winter, and its surroundings. It seems it is determined to share its beauty in spite of it all.

Mother was like that. Mother was like that violet. In spite of all the pain I have seen her bear, somehow she could always manage a smile. In spite of her confinement and deprivation in nursing homes, she always had a good word for the staff and her visitors. Her smile was what everyone remembers; just like the beauty of the violet, struggling to smile in spite of all holding it down, in spite of wintery weather yet to come. God help me be a violet person for Your Glory.