Thursday, January 29, 2015

I Will Be OK

Mother is a 100 years old and often says when I ask about her recent weakness - I will be OK. I'm fine. While acknowledging her recent and somewhat rapid deterioration mentally, and physically, she seems to have that peaceful, "I will be OK" attitude about it all.

I believe it is true. I believe her. I believe she will be OK. Coming soon is healing, Coming soon is eyesight, hearing, capability, and joyful eternity. It is like the John Phelps song says, "There will be no more night, no more pain, no more tears, neither crying again." I love that song. I believe it. So, I understand my mother's meaning when she says she will be OK. Better than OK even: she "will live in the light of the Risen Lamb."

The song is mine as well. The best is yet to come. I will be OK.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Up Is Where the Hope Is

"How old will I be when I get married?"

"Much older," I answered my six-year old granddaughter.

"Nineteen or twenty or even more?"

"Yes, I would hope at least that old. But, I probably won't be around to see it."

"Where will you be?"

"I will be gone home to be with Jesus by then, my dear. But, I will be looking down from above, standing next to Jesus and saying how pretty you look, and how proud of you I am at the fine young lady you are."

"Pop-Pop, you are very big, but you will have to look up to talk to Jesus. Jesus is very, very big; much bigger than you."

"You are right. Jesus is much bigger than I am, and if I want to talk to Jesus, I will have to look up. Up is where the Hope is."