Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Spirit of Fear

II Timothy 1:7 - For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

God did not give us a spirit of fear. My interpretation is that we will indeed fear sometimes but we are not to let fear abide in us; move in and live there. We are not to be fearful people: living lives controlled by fear. So if we do have a fearful spirit, where did we get it? Certainly not from God. The scripture at the head of this page attests to that. Where does the spirit of fear come from but from satan. Who else would want us to think less of ourselves? Who else would like to blunt a potentially bold witness? Who else would like to see us give up control to the spirit of fear which he diabolically controls? Who else wants to destroy us and our hope? Who else.

And as give in and let our lives be lead by fearfulness, we may withdraw from others, withdraw from service; withdraw from having courage. We may begin to trust our fears more than we trust God.

The Bible is just full of "fear nots" and one of the few places Jesus tells us to fear He says: And I say unto you my friend. Be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more they can do.
But I will forewarn you who ye shall fear: fear him, which after his hath killed hath power to cast into hell; year, I say unto you Fear him. Luke 12:5-6

Perhaps, our biggest fear in our Christian walk should be the spirit of fear itself.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Frosty Glass Love

This morning my 5 year old granddaughter came into my room to hug me goodbye as she was leaving for kindergarten. Then she noticed the frosty look of my patio door. It was cold outside and the door was covered over in condensation to the extent that we couldn't see outside. She sensed somehow it would be all right if she went over and wrote on my door in the condensation. When she had written something, she seemed sort of pleased and asked me to look. I did and she read the words she had written: "I love God."

Wow ! What a great way to start a day with I love God, written on your door by your grandchild. Yes, even though we could not see out into the world through the fog on the glass, we know that we love God. When all we can see is God, that will be enough.

I hugged my granddaughter goodbye and told her that God loved her too. She said, "Yes, I know. I would wish that for all the world: that they love God and know that He loves them too.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

True Home

As a child I once got lost in the woods. It is hard to remember it now but I do remember the fear upon realization that I was indeed lost. Things looked differently. Nothing seemed familiar. Finally I came to a gate that I had never found before in my other adventures in these woods. When I looked across the pasture past the gate, there was a strange old house. In my young mind I wondered if it were a witch's house. Then the conflict: I was lost and this was the only sign of civilization that I had found in seemingly hours of wandering around in the woods. I had to take the chance, but I would be ready to run back to the woods if things got bad at all.

As I left the gate and the woods and walked cautiously toward the old house,little by little it began to come back to me. As I began to come to myself I realized that the gate that I had come to was the one I opened to go into the woods to begin with. The old house was no witch’s house. It was my Grandmother’s house where I was staying: home. I had been lost, confused, my perspective altered, filled with fears, until I realized I was coming home. I was lost but now was found. Like the prodigal son in the pig pen, I had come to myself, began to see things in a truer light and found the way home.

How many prodigals in this world are lost, confused, filled with fears, with altered perspectives to the extent they can’t recognize their way home. Their former faith and hope in God has given way to trying to find their own way home. Yet, at the end of themselves they find they are still lost in a wilderness, with all seeming strange and unfamiliar. It will be dark soon and at the bottom of it all they know they are in the wrong place, only going around in circles: lost out there in the wilderness of life, aimlessly, fearfully wandering, not knowing where they are going or what they should be looking for. They only know that they desperately need to find a way back home.. And, as they begin to come to themselves; no longer blinded by the world, they begin to see with new eyes and experience that old, steadfast warmth vividly experiencing true Home in the Love of the Father and the Son.