Monday, December 16, 2013

Frosty Glass Love

This morning my 5 year old granddaughter came into my room to hug me goodbye as she was leaving for kindergarten. Then she noticed the frosty look of my patio door. It was cold outside and the door was covered over in condensation to the extent that we couldn't see outside. She sensed somehow it would be all right if she went over and wrote on my door in the condensation. When she had written something, she seemed sort of pleased and asked me to look. I did and she read the words she had written: "I love God."

Wow ! What a great way to start a day with I love God, written on your door by your grandchild. Yes, even though we could not see out into the world through the fog on the glass, we know that we love God. When all we can see is God, that will be enough.

I hugged my granddaughter goodbye and told her that God loved her too. She said, "Yes, I know. I would wish that for all the world: that they love God and know that He loves them too.