Thursday, May 23, 2013

"Let Him Have the Things That Hold You"

A couple weeks ago I did a triathlon and had to wear a wetsuit for the swim portion. There was no assistance for getting us out of those tight-full body things, and trying to remove the wetsuit and get onto the bike was a real chore. It was a wrestling match with that thing. And, it reminded me of a line from "The Spirit Song" which goes something like: "Let Him have the things which hold you ----." Well, I certainly was ready to give up the thing which was "holding me." I would have given that wetsuit to anyone who would have helped me out of it. And oh how liberating it was to finally be free of that which held me; to throw it down on the ground, put on the new things to get me on my journey on the bike. Putting off the "old man," so to speak. I thank God for the wetsuits in life He has taken from me, helped me out of, and ask Him to continue to help me in my transitions, to be on the path He would have me on.