Sunday, April 28, 2013

Being Hungry and Thiirsty

Matt 5:6 Blessed are they which hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. The filled life seems to be about being hungry and thirsty for the right things. Can we be hungry and thirsty after things other than our His righteousness in us, and be filled? Or, will we remain hungry and thirsty, empty in a place within ourselves that only God can fill.

Once I completed a marathon and was cramping badly. For some unknown reason at the time, all I could think of was something salty. Only when that need was satisfied did I get the cramps under control and my body on the way to recovery. Perhaps the world has a hunger and thirst for something it does not realize or will not accept. Perhaps the satisfaction of that hunger and thirst get misdirected to food, drink; lifestyles dedication to self, possessions, and various forms of consumptive behaviors? And yet there remains that empty place in our lives, in our hearts. There is still a hunger and thirst that can only satisfied by that Bread from Heaven, that Living Water through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Be still and know that I am God……Be still ourselves to receive His stillness. He still cares, still consoles, still heals, still delivers, and He still saves. In our empty vanities it really doesn’t matter what we think about our supposedly special selves, and our special times, our special technologies, we are still a desperate people, desperately needing Jesus. Be still and know that Jesus still lives and Jesus still saves.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Stiff-Arming God

Thinking of football highlights, I remember a runner going down the field full steam with an approaching tackler about to meet him. But, the runner pushed out a stiff arm in the tacklers face and continued going down the field unimpeded to the goal line. Sometimes I think we stiff-arm God. We move down the fields of our lives, enjoyed the speed, the force of our selves. When the God of universe would like to meet us, not tackle us, but lovingly embrace us, we stiff-arm God, going our own way to our own goal line to celebrate ourselves. God gets left back there on the field somewhere. But when catastrophes come and circumstances tackle us, throwing us to the ground: where is God? Doesn’t God care? What kind of God would let this happen? A God that had been stiff-armed, left far down the field and out of lives; a God that would have loved to embrace us. But all God ever got was left out of our game after being stiff-armed. So we try to blame God for all we are not, all we have failed to embrace, and the consequences of our choice to live for ourselves.