Monday, December 21, 2015

Crossing the Torrents

It had rained a lot. Streams were full, some raging like the one near our house. It wasn't that wide; just a small stream about six feet across and 2 feet deep. But, the water rushed through it; my granddaughters ages 7 and 9 wanted to cross. Perhaps there is a latent spirit of challenge and adventure in all of us that comes forth sometimes in some situations, much like the rushing waters that had filled the small stream.

I couldn't take the chance to let them cross alone. In fact, they might not have made it without being swept off their feet and carried down by the current. So, I waded in half way across and stood there with the current swirling around my legs. I reached out for the hand of one of my grandchildren. She trusted and waded in behind the shield from the current which my legs provided. She reached the other side just fine as did the other grandchild and with an excitement special in childhood, they wanted to go back across. They did.

Sometimes our little dry stream beds become full with the rain in our lives. And, raging waters where once peace had been, scare us with its sound and its power. Can we get across the swolllen stream without getting swept away? Jesus says we can. I think Jesus wades into the torrents of our lives to stand as a shield, a barrier, an aide, and guide to get us across. "Take my hand all the way, from here to the great unknown. Oh Lord, take my hand, and let me stand, where no one stands alone." On we go in our walk with the Lord: Crossing the torrents of life; crossing the torrent from life to Eternity, holding firmly to the hand of Jesus.