Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Singing Our Hearts Out

Visiting the nursing home on a Sunday morning, I came in on a church group holding a service for the residents. They were singing the old songs; the ones they had all known in their active days but now, most seemed unconcerned. Some were moving, or tapping a little to the beat but I wondered was it the message of the song, or the beat of it which moved them. The rest were almost oblivious to the singing. Even my own Mother, long a churchgoer, was in her wheelchair with her back to the service, looking glum. Most of the others were moving about, looking off, shuffling after something they wanted, or call for the aides to do something for them. But, God bless them, the volunteers kept singing like they were singing before an enthusiastic crowd.

I wondered about all this. Has the loss of mental facilities also meant the loss of spiritual ones? Has these residents spirits left already leaving only the natural being to cope with what was left of the life of the body on this earth? And I wondered too, do we sometimes act this way when the Lord's message is ringing in our ears, that we turn aside to attend to petty, selfish, temporal needs. Are we sometimes not being attentive to the eternal, consumed in our small, self-satisfying, myopic world?

Or, can we be like the volunteers; singing our hearts out for Jesus, giving our best for our Lord even when it appears no one is listening, knowing that is not our role to count listeners but to keep on singing our hearts out.