Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Bible We Leave

My granddaughters and I were talking about my old Bible. It is very worn, torn in some places on the cover, and weathered. I told them I had taught, preached, and found my own way and my own Hope in this grand old Bible. It was like a special friend. When I die I want to be buried with me.

My youngest granddaughter thought for a moment and then said, "Pop-Pop, don't do that. Give me your Bible when you die. I want it." Not bad thinking for a seven year old. Give me your Bible when you die. "Will the footsteps that I leave, lead them to believe, and the life I've lived inspire them to obey. Will those who come behind me find me faithful." Will someone, through my life, read the Bible I have left into their own lives. And will they in turn, leave a Bible for those who come behind them? Will those who come behind us want to read the old weathered and torn Bible that we have left through our lives?