Monday, November 23, 2015

Jesus The Perfect Fit

There is a road bike on a bike trainer in my bedroom which I ride all the time. The front wheel is cradled in a holder that is on top of a book about an inch thick. Somehow that made it the perfect height and perfect fit.

The other day we were cleaning the bedroom and my wife noticed that the book I was using for a prop for the front wheel was a book about Jesus. That disturbed me that I had been doing that and I replaced the book about Jesus with another one.

Somehow, the bike just doesn't fit like it did with the book about Jesus under the front wheel. Things hurt that didn't before and I can't seem to stay on the bike for as long as I did before. It just isn't working out for me without the book about Jesus under the front wheel.

And, life doesn't work real well with Jesus under it either. Jesus is the perfect fit for the bike and for the sustenance of life as well.