Monday, March 25, 2013

Surrendering All

I Surrender All is the title of a haunting old song. Hard to do. Yet, it seems that the only way to victory in Christ, is through surrender. Hard to do. There is so much self-sufficiency; so much pride; often arrogance, it seems, that get in the way. Hard to surrender if I think I might win this one, somehow, someway, all by myself. Today, I went off to my prayer spot to pray for my sister who is having surgery today. Oh, I had my laundry list, my grocery list and personal wish list all ready for God. But the peace of the moment and the aggravating chatter of my own prayer thoughts, seemed to suggest God saying, "shut up!" And so I did. Recapturing the peace of the place and the moment, I asked the Holy Spirit to come settle in on my soul. I surrender. I surrender all. And I listened as the peace that passes all understanding settled in upon me. I gave thanks and rose to face the day.