Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lord Help Me

It came to me that I frequently to pray for others but didn't pray for myself. A look at my written prayer list shows I am not on it. The first thought was how selfless I am without realizing it. How nice that I would pray for others and forget myself. Before I pat myself on the back too much, something moved me to a deeper look inside. And, it was revealed to me that perhaps I pray for others and exclude myself because I am hesitant to work on myself? Maybe it is easier and safer to dwell on the problems of others than to confront my own? Maybe I am not being all selfless and spiritual after all, but have my head in the sand, hiding out from asking God to take over. Self-sufficient in that I can handle my stuff. It is the other, less capable, that need God's attention, not me. Perhaps, not praying for myself discloses that I do indeed need to ask God for something: humility.

Others will continue to be prayed for, but a new entry has been added to my prayer list. Lord help me!