Thursday, September 26, 2013

Holding Them Up To See Jesus

The picture had been there since she was an infant but for some reason this day my little granddaughter saw the picture of Jesus over our fireplace and pointed. I said, “That is Jesus.”
She repeated, “Jesus.”
She pointed again and said, “Hold me up to Him, Pop-Pop” (my grandfather name). I picked her up and held close to the Jesus in the picture as she pointed and felt the face with her finger. She repeated with a smile, “Jesus.”

Yes, Jesus. She was being lifted up and brought into closeness to the image of Jesus. And so too our role as Christians. We are called to bring those who see Jesus only from afar, into closer moments with the Risen Lord. To lift this child up to see the picture, I had to be strong enough to hold her. We are called upon to increase our own strength through the exercise of our faith so that we may able to lift others into His presence, who then, perhaps, with the wonder of a child, smile and speak the name Jesus into their lives.

What remains is not about what you picked but what you planted.