Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Child's Tale

My grandchildren love off-the-wall-things. Today, I let them spray shaving lotion on my desk, smear it around, draw in it, and eventually clean it up. My youngest granddaughter drew our house. She had all the parts and even had all of us in it, to include my recently deceased mother. To those that came in, she took joy in naming the parts of the house and the people in it.

Then I asked her, "You love this old house, don't you?"
"Uh huh," she answered
She studied a moment and said, "Because you're in it?"

Sometimes I wonder how much usefulness I have left here in this world and then I hear something like this. I am loved, I am needed, and someone's world is made better because I am in it.

Thanks God. I needed that.