Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Care Through Prayer

We often go through our lives with such focus that we don't fully see the pain and trials of others. Cancer is a life changer. It effects the victim and the those that are close to the victim in a deep and profound way. I can't believe God would not want us to care through our prayer for those hurting under the weight of this dread disease.

I began wearing a yellow wristband to remind me to pray for a particular person and family, effected by cancer. When I am riding on my bike, running, or even swimming, I see the band and pray right then for someone. But, the prayer list for my yellow band reminder has grown substantially. It is amazing how the number of the people I needed to pray increased as I opened up my heart and life to give voice to my concerns for cancer victims. The more it seems I care; the more I am at prayer; and the more I am aware of the hurt and torment this disease causes. I can't cure cancer, but I can be reminded by my yellow band, and apply a dose of love through prayer to a God bigger than cancer.