Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I Do Believe

This was a post from 2009 in my other blog: With the addition of this blog, this particular post seemed it should be included here.

It is cold and raining outside. Weather has been cold and damp; training has been little and unmotivated. My shoulder hurts all the time and physical therapy doesn't seem to do any good. There is the prospect of an operation. All of this a far cry from the hope and prospects six months ago when the training was going full steam.

It is my birthday and wishes for a happy birthday abound; I am loved. And I do believe that I am loved by God as well. I believe that as deeply as are my present disappointments, as low as the moment may seem, I do believe I will be taken even higher than all that through His power and His Grace. He will lift me up and beyond this winter; beyond my winter. Ah yes, there is spring; there is hope; eternal hope. This I do believe