Friday, April 25, 2014

If Only for the Moments

Moments: would I do it all over again? The long rides, sometimes very hot, humid. Try to dry off, get the bike loaded, and get in the truck: air conditioning. Ah, thank you for auto air conditioning. It is hard to stop sweating; drink, drink. How nice. My wife has a small towel on top of some ice in a small cooler. Does that feel good on the back of the neck or what. And the cold recovery drink in there is sooo good. Call home, she answers, will be ready. A shower feels like heaven. She has a meal for me, good but can't eat it all. So tired, go to the bedroom all made dark and cool beforehand, lay between fresh cool sheets and sleep like death.

Such a blessing to have that kind of love and many days, so many times she was there, propping me up when I was coming down. What she got out of it for herself? Not much. And I wish I could have finished this, completed this ironman, if only for her. She made me a visor to place on my office wall. It reads on the bill; "Marvin MY Ironman." Wish I could have made it true. But we have the journey behind us to reflect upon as I am doing now. The moments bring a slight smile and a warm feeling. Of course, I would do it all over again, if only for the moments.