Monday, February 10, 2014

Building a Fire

The fire had almost burned down while I had been out for my run. We put some fresh wood on and watched it smoke and smolder on the coals but it really provided little warmth. After a time I took some paper and stuffed it on the coals. The paper ignited, flames licked the smoldering wood and then the wood caught fire too. All the other fire joined in the flaming. We had a fire; we had warmth.

Sometimes our world is like that. Cool, with lots of smoke and little fire; no warmth. And when we are surrounded with like people as ourselves, we produce a lot of smoke but little warmth. We need something to elevate the temperatures of our lives so they burst into flame. We need Jesus. When we ignite Jesus upon our smoldering lives, we can catch fire too. We had the capacity already. We had laid there almost hot enough to come to flame but we couldn't do it on our own. We need Jesus to bring out what is already there, ready to burst to flames; to give light, to share warmth, the warmth of the Love of God to a cold and shivering world.