Monday, July 29, 2013

Hold !

This particular scene from the movie Braveheart has always inspired me. No, it’s not the scene in which Wallace makes the fine horseback speech that impassions the men to fight against terrible odds. No, my favorite scene is the one where the enemy on horseback are thundering down on Wallace and his ragtag army. Wallace has brought long, sharpened poles that had been laid out before them on the ground between them and the approaching enemy. Let the charging horsemen get close then raise the sharpened poles to stop them. That was the plan.
Imagine how that might have been: a bloodthirsty enemy intent on disgrace and destruction, thundering down upon them on horseback. And Wallace told them to hold; hold. The horsemen got closer-hold! Hold!-closer still, they can hear the heavy breathing of the horses-hold! Hold! In the “fullness of time” the poles were raised and the horsemen were stopped. And, eventually, they were victorious in the battle.

For us, the continuing saga called life sometimes seems thundering down upon us like the horses in that Braveheart scene. No surprise. Jesus warned,“In the world ye shall have tribulations.” When standing in the right place for the right thing, we might expect a well-equipped menace bearing down on us. Like Wallace, we have to believe in what the world, the enemy, cannot see. Our sharpened poles of faith lay ready as the voice of the Lord tells us to “hold, hold.” Yes, hold - and believing that at the end of the day we will be victorious through Jesus Christ. The approaching menaces of disease, disappointment, disability, and even death will not make our faith flinch. And, the battle will be the Lord’s.