Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I Want to Look Like You

At the pool where I sometimes swim, there is often a man there who is, what may be considered, morbidly obese. One day he just sat in the chair on the side of the pool and watched me swim lap after lap. The next time that we were both there H did a sort of dog paddle to one end of the pool, then rested and dog peddled back. He did this a few times before quitting. That is what he did every time we were there together, but each time he did more laps. I did my best to encourage him, and he seemed to appreciate it and take it in the spirit it was offered.

Just the other day he dog paddled many more laps than he had ever done before. When he finally got out of the pool, I stopped to compliment him on his long workout. He said he was trying; doing the best he could. Then he said, "I want to look like you." I was sort of taken aback, not knowing what to say but thanks.

I didn't think I really looked all that good, so I felt especially honored by the compliment. I was glad that at 72 years of age I could still do something that might inspire someone. However, wouldn't it have been great if he had been talking of the Jesus he had seen in me? Sure I try hard not to miss my swim/bike/run workouts, but am I working out hard enough, often enough, intensely enough in my walk with Jesus that others might see that faith and say, "I want to look like you." Help me be that person, Lord.