Friday, April 24, 2015

A Lesson From Grazing Deer

Out there in the pasture four to five deer were grazing. I noticed that they looked up, ears aright, occasionally to check for danger, then it was back to searching and nibbling; finding the next tasty tidbit; looking for the next acorn. And I wondered what they get out of life but this: living in the moment; finding the next acorn; watching for danger. For deer, perhaps that is enough. But what about people?

How often do we find ourselves living only in the moment, on guard for danger, trying to find our next acorn? But God has breathed into us His Spirit and we are called to do more and be more. In the words John Baille, "Thine was the Spirit that first led them out of their brutish estate and made them men." We were called higher from our momentary satisfactions from the beginning. My belief is that God would like us to find our way past the moment into His eternity; to live the enlarged life He has prepared for us.